Like you, we are attentive to the environment around us and we try to ensure a sustainable production cycle that minimizes the environmental impact.

Environmental sustainability plays a primary role in the innovation process, leading the development of processes and products, in order to minimize the impact on the environment and make a positive contribution in the medium-long term.

Constant attention, therefore, not only for the business, but also for the social and environmental aspects and in the relationship with its employees, suppliers, and consumers is a must.

Italfoods has taken up the challenge deriving from the essential issues of environmental sustainability and the circular economy, actively engaging to develop solutions that meet the following criteria:


be easily recyclable, consistent with the EU Directive 852/2018 working on monomaterials (capsule body and lid). Ensure the lowest environmental impact by using paper-based packaging and paper derivatives where possible.


maximum attention to recyclability or compostability of the packaging.


prefer solutions that minimize the logistical costs of transport and storage.